it came to me in a dream

and so I tried to do it justice

5 June 1988
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hello all. This is the fic journal of a one, miss geminispaz65 or, me, cassandra lee.

My Main Fandoms:
Harry Potter
Alice, 2009
The Outsiders
Twilight Saga
Nora Roberts (the author, not the series. I very rarely write something connected to one of her books or series)
Kingdom Hearts
One Tree Hill
Tamora Pierce (author, again)

Surprisingly enough, most of the stuff I write is a lot of original fiction. I read a lot of fanfiction, but don't write as much as you'd think.

and PS...go check out wordygirls_fics...it's this cool Fic community my bestest Erin and I run...you know you want to...*smirk*
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